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The Destan series is a historical and period drama that departs from conventional canons to present a story different from what is usually seen in Turkish soap operas.

We will say no more and just invite you to stay and read everything you need to know about this novel. We will tell you what this Turkish series is about, which actors participate in this drama, the seasons and episodes it has, and the channels where it is broadcasted.

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Plot of the Destan series

The plot tells us about Akkiz, a warrior from the mountains of Central Asia who, as a child, was orphaned by Khan Korkut of the Gök Kagan. It is for this reason that the young Akkiz awaits her revenge.

The story is set between the eighth and ninth centuries, at a time when the inhabitants of the area had not yet adopted Islam as their religion. At that time, magic and wild life prevailed, which preceded the beginning of civilization as we know it today.

Akkiz will meet a man named Gök Tegini Batuga, a lame prince who, like Akkiz, is an orphan. The union of the two will be a turning point in the history of the Turkic people.

The Turkish tribes are threatened by the Mongols, Chinese and Persians. But not only that, they also have their own internal clashes between tribes.

It is in this context that Alpagu, a Khan, wants the daughter of his brother Balamir Yabgu to be the bride of his son, Gök Tegini Batuga, having in mind that the union of both could stop an imminent war between tribes.

Thus, the great Khan forms a retinue and sets out on the journey. However, on the way he will meet Akkiz, the warrior of the mountains.

Seasons and episodes

The Destan soap opera has a modest 28 episodes broadcast in a single season. The official broadcast took place between November 23, 2021 and September 15, 2022.

In turn, each episode has a duration of 150 minutes.


Destan series is directed by Emir Khalilzadeh, Fethi Bayram and Metin Günay; while, the script was prepared by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz.

In the cast, the participation of actress Ebru Sahin, known for participating in other series such as Hercai, Eternal Love, Forbidden Fruit, among others, stands out.

As for the rest of the top cast, it is made up as follows:

  • Ebru Şahin as Akkız
  • Edip Tepeli as Batuga
  • Selim Bayraktar as Alpagu Khan
  • Kanbolat Görkem Arslan as Saltuk Bey
  • Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı Kumbaracıbaşı as Balamir Bey
  • Deniz Barut as Ulu ece

Where to watch the TV drama Destan in English

The official broadcast channel for the series Destan is ATV. However, you can also watch the series online on the various websites and platforms available on the internet. Take a look at the following link:

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