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Are you looking for a dramatic and romantic Turkish movie? If so, you are in the right place. This is why we will introduce you to one of the most emblematic films of the Turkish film industry. We are talking about Delibal.

Delibal is a film that premiered in 2015, but despite being six years old, it is now that it is living its best moment as far as valuation is concerned. Since just like great films, these are recognized as they get older. Yes, like good wine.

On this occasion, we present the plot of this film, its cast, where you can watch it in English legally, and some interesting curiosities about this Turkish film.

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Plot of the movie Delibal

Delibal, the name of this movie, which the meaning in English is something like “crazy honey”, this being a type of honey produced in some parts of Turkey. Now, this honey is not only made to sweeten the palate, but it also has healing powers, which is why it is considered miraculous.

However, this honey hides an imminent danger: If consumed in high doses it produces a poison capable of causing death.

The protagonist of the film is Baris, who is an excellent student who enjoys his university life, while expressing his feelings through music. But one day he will meet Füsun, with whom he will fall in love, and he will seek to know everything about her.

The story tells the story of an intense love drama that arises between Baris and Fusun, two young people who fall madly in love, so they decide to get married even though they are very different and belong to different realities. However, both do their best to make the relationship work.

The problem arises when Baris contracts an illness, which causes him to evaluate whether he can continue to fully enjoy life, while running the risk of hurting his wife.

Undoubtedly, a movie worth watching, and if you are a true fan of Turkish productions, you can’t miss it.


This film was directed by Ali Bilgin, and written by Siyah Kalem. And as for its cast, the cast is constituted as follows:

  • Çağatay Ulusoy as Barış Ayaz
  • Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu as Füsun Şahin
  • Hüseyin Avni Danyal as Tarık Ayaz
  • Nazan Kesal as Selma
  • Laçin Ceylan as Macide
  • Mustafa Avkıran as Hayri Şahin

Curiosities of the film

The soundtrack was performed by Sezen Aksu, the famous Turkish composer known as the “Queen of Turkish Pop”.

Where to watch the movie Delibal in English

I wish all movies could be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, Turkish movies have not yet reached their peak of distribution, so you can’t find these types of films on those platforms.

However, you can buy Delibal on Amazon, in its DVD version, and with English subtitles.

On the other hand, you can also get the movie in English on other unofficial online platforms. However, it is no secret that the quality of online movies on these platforms leaves much to be desired. Therefore, we recommend you to resort to the official platforms.

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